A Dog’s Favorite Things

A Dog's Favorite 1-


these things make my dog-heart throb:

a fresh bone trimmed with bits of sweet meat

snuggling cozy-warm  at the foot of my human’s bed

a spring day’s sprint through life-bursting woods

a head pat and GOOD DOG, the choicest of sounds

but my very favorite, the joy I crave combines three:

playing with my owner, swimming, retrieving

pick up my favorite rubber dumbbell

head for the water

my heart pounds, throw it!

rush into the water, chest expanding, muscles digging

now I see it, almost within my grasp

open strong jaws, bite firm, turn

paddle hard, almost there, catch my owner’s smile

GOOD DOG,  shake

throw it again! again! again!

so good, this dog’s life

so panting good

 A Dog's Favorite 2-

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