Together We Grow

Together We Grow-



Here  we stand joined together reaching skyward

Bound by rings of love and time we grow

Our roots penetrate deep into fertile soil

Sun seeking and life giving, our branches spread wide

Generations of offspring gather at our feet

In seasons old wind whipped us  nearly bare

Lightning  threw her daggers all around

Storms of pelting ice sought to beat us down

But love has taught us to wait for parting clouds

Gentle rains come to welcome rainbows of promise

Once again life breaks forth in celebration

And we resume our stretch for the heavens


Note: I took this photograph in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. While on a walk in the forest, I spotted these two white pines. They grew so close together that they appeared joined at the base. As I pondered these two beautiful trees, I felt as though they were a metaphor for me and my husband. Married for 47 years, we have grown side by side as love carried us.

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