Osprey Pair-

From here I perceive

an image cognition weaves

Based on present impression

yet colored by my profession

You gaze in a dissimilar direction

observing with your own inflection

You see clear skies of blue

While I see a stormy hue

How can such diversity arise

from two sets of faultless eyes

Is visual truth subjective

depending on individual perspective

Have my life’s pages formed a sieve

retaining what I refuse to forgive

Perhaps it’s time for examination

of this aberrant manifestation

Leading to a paradigm alteration

producing acute visual revelation

Note: Pictured above is a pair of Osprey I observed at Flamingo, in the Florida Everglades. The male is on the left and the female on the right. This photo caught them looking in opposite directions and in considering this, a poem was born. Incidentally, an osprey’s vision is reported to be 3-5 times greater than that of humans. Their ability to spot fish in the water is what allows them to survive. Could it be that our way of looking at things is a key to our own “survival”? Just a thought…

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