Squirreled Away


Take your repose, Bright Eyes

Grab a fat pothos stem with nimble fingers

Flip up your bushy tail and give yourself pause

At least enough for cinnamon spiced fur to dry

Not that it would interfere with life’s gaiety

Fret not

 Parchment ears detect the slightest disturbance

Then, in a nanosecond you’d vanish

To spiral head-first down a tree trunk

Or take the wind in breathless leap

Of fear or fancy

But for now


9 thoughts on “Squirreled Away

  1. I have been thinking of doing a poem on the squirrel(s) that we view while having our meals on the back patio. Only this morning,I think I mentioned this to Bruce!

    Your photo is EXCELLENT of course. I wanted to photo mine this morning running along the cable line (but it was too dark)

    your poem such a JOY.

    I remember writing a essay on the squirrel when I came to America and was doing an English class!

    Love Cherry

  2. You are just so amazing! I’m looking forward to sitting down with a nice cup of tea and catching up here…soon! You are a delight to my heart and I love you!

  3. Hello. I’m a freelance photo researcher working on a book about animals in the rain. I sent an email to you, but I will also leave a comment. I’d like to know if we can license this beautiful image from you. Sonja

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