Sunset’s Symphony

Sunset in the Glades

what’s in a sunset

is it just dust, water vapor, and angled light

or is it a long awaited kiss

as enduring and passionate as the day

a symphony of color

that bids us to stop in wonder

while every form pauses in reverence

to the majesty of shifting hues

played on a harp of wavelength strings


a distant thunderhead hides her fury

for she dare not interrupt this holy moment

when magenta dances with amethyst

as blue looks on

when tangerine and red jostle for center stage

as yellow retires

play out my emotions, Setting Sun

capture the colors of my day

and bring them to rest in your afterglow


Note: On a drive back to civilization from the Everglades’ depths, my husband and I were accosted by an amazing sunset. We had no choice but to pull over and watch the splendor unfold.

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