Wings of Grace

Introductions are appropriate for my tuxedoed friend, the Black Skimmer. Hailing from sandbar, beach, and island this avian wonder flies just above the water to skim the surface with its unique longer bottom mandible for small fish or crustaceans. It is the only species, worldwide, with a shorter top mandible. Equipped with this impressive bright reddish-orange and black bill it feeds on the wing. You can watch a video of Black Skimmer’s in action HERE. The bird’s stout appearance on land belies its poetic elegance in the air.

Black Skimmer at Water's Edge

Black Skimmer at Water's Edge

Some ply ocean deep,

fashioned to pamper

escapees of pressure tight,

in polished mask

for moment’s few

illusions of liberty.

A Cruise Ship Departs for Tropical Islands

A Cruise Ship Departs for Tropical Islands

While I range free

among feathered folk

of shore and sand-

tickled feet of web and claw,

knowing not the knife

of tongue or spiteful eye.

Shore-wrack Friends

Shore-wrack Friends

Bent to part water’s skin,

therein to graze on

meat tender sweet,

or sail breezes high

o’er frothed wave leaping

‘neath wings of grace.

Wings of Grace

Wings of Grace

Then to settle on beach

warm with fellows dear,

secure in fashioned form

and intricate plan

for me and mine, in the

hands of Ancient Time.

Feathered Fellowship

Feathered Fellowship

10 thoughts on “Wings of Grace

  1. What an amazing bird and such a cute little guy too! I love learning about all the different birds and the special talents God gave them. Lovely poem…Thanks again!

  2. I always learn something new when I read your blog :). I especially like the 8th picture of the cypress forest…I could feel the solitude and peace…maybe I need a vacation lol. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. “secure in fashion form and intricate plan”- beautiful words reminding us to be thankful and proud of the form that we have be given. We would ask nature be no other way except itself, yet we are continuely seeking to change ourselves.

    thank you for sharing your beautiful words and photos – I love seeing the birds their diversity and color — blessings

  4. I appreciate each of you and your comments. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Lynn, I really did fall for this little guy. He seemed alert but but quite secure. His aerial artistry was amazing.

    Susan, when I feel that I need a vacation, I step out into my yard and find a bit of beauty to appreciate. That moment is the day’s “mini-vacation.”

    Soulintention, you’ve pointed out an interesting contrast in the way we see nature and how we see ourselves. Perhaps we need to view ourselves from a different perspective.

    • What amazes me is the amount of fine control the bird has to have to just skim the water without going too deep or missing it all together. In the ocean, the Skimmer has to deal with waves as well. I hope you do have the opportunity to watch this bird someday. I’m sure you would find it interesting. Thanks for you comment, Scott.

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