Observations on a Snowy Egret

A virgin bird born of cerulean skies floats earthward

Her wings open in greeting of earthbound captives

Golden toes stretch forward in search of rest

Deep within spring breaks forth bringing transformation

Saffron lores* redden as lacy plumes festoon each form

Displays of splendor woo love’s intended

Rhythms of necessity find fulfillment in each day’s provision

As time divides her portions these creatures of elegance feast

Satiated, they find peace in elemental tasks

Egrets of Snow flit from branch to lily pond and breeze

While admiring their beauty-clothed spunk and grace

We pause to glimpse the Hand that made vitality dance.

* lores: facial skin between eyes and upper bill

15 thoughts on “Observations on a Snowy Egret

  1. Karen this is my first look of these photos – great with all your comments. Keep up the great work. Talk soon.

  2. Okay, it’s official… You are a professional bird photographer as far as I’m concerned!!! Wow, you just amaze me with your pictures. I love all the beautiful details you capture. Once again I’m so blessed by your talent. Thanks always for sharing it with the world!!!

    • June, I’m glad that you visited my site. I visited your site as well and found your photos and poetry delightful.

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