Boat Yard Relics

The 2002 United States Census report showed that 11.7% of all businesses performed maintenance and repair work. Things break down, wear out, and malfunction–automobiles, appliances, electronics; you name it. As for many Floridians, that included our boat. So, we found a boat yard that would haul our boat out of the water and put it  in dry dock for repairs. While my husband occupied himself with the renovations, I explored the boat yard. I found the dockside view captivating.

Rock Harbor

I surveyed the many boats in various stages of maintenance, but  then explored behind the scenes.  As I poked around, a tableau of settings lured my eye. First, not far from water’s edge a collection of lobster trap buoys awaited their new assignments.

Lobster Buoys

Used traps etched with worm holes and stained with rust bleached in the tropical sun.

Used Spiny Lobster Traps

A neglected sailboat rested in the weeds behind boats that were under active repair, its hull peppered with barnacles.


After exploring a discarded piece of heavy equipment, I indulged in a bit of “lens play.”


A vast assortment of discarded boat and equipment parts, a sort of treasure trove for creative boat repairmen occupied the back forty. This particular arrangement of oxidizing iron caught my eye.

Iron Fins

As you can see, it was a day of experimentation; a time for lens prospecting within the far reaches of a Florida boat yard. I must have been a curious sight to anyone who saw me.

I'd say the human with the camera is one strange bird!

6 thoughts on “Boat Yard Relics

    • I appreciate you, Scott. Sometimes we find ourselves in unlikely places : D

      I took lots of photos of that old boat and wondered at its history. I particularly liked the pattern of the barnacles.

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