Come Sweet Deep

Come Sweet Deep

Wash over my sunburned soul

Soothe my withering heart

With your gentle breeze

I bruised the day

Erred against my brother

Now tears of regret return

To your sea of forgetfulness

As you wash my feet

Come Sweet Deep

15 thoughts on “Come Sweet Deep

  1. Sis
    The phrase ‘erred against my brother’ touched me. But i wonder; what tragic memory of your sister plot to drive me bonkers as an impressionable youth are you thinking of? Was it the electro shock therapy from the Lionel train set? Oh, wait. I did that to you, not the other way around.
    Carry on!
    (Although I’ll rarely admit it, I really do love your poetry and pictures.)
    Lil Bro

    • I used “brother” in the larger sense, Silly.
      Now that I think of it, there was that little matter of swinging back too far with a bat and connecting with the catcher’s head–oh, was that you? Oops!

    • Not really, Scott. We love each other deeply, but enjoy a bit of teasing now and then. The baseball incident was an accident. The poem was not intended to be about my blood brother, but rather about my fellow man.
      Thanks for your faithful support of my blog. I sincerely appreciate it.

    • Thank you, Val. Any talent I display is a gift from the Father for which I am forever grateful. As for creation, it is a constant wonder to me.

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