take me there

Ascend above with wings spread wide

Buoyed on air pillows safely glide

Challenge the wind to lift high

Turn and ride her ‘till eve is nigh

Each feather linked as one

Wheeling, turning beneath the sun

Streamlined master of the air

Formed of graceful beauty fair

Above the tremors of the ground

Mid skies of lofty blue you’re found

Oh Egret won’t you take me there

Where I can soar without a care

Note: I took this photo of a Great Egret at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida. The bird is wild and currently nesting at the zoo’s rookery. When I captured the this image, the egret had just left its  mate in search of an appropriate twig to add to their nest. Note the bird’s breeding dress of a green face and plumes folded over its legs in flight.

My wonder at the egret’s superb flying ability and my longing for such freedom formed the inspiration for this piece of poetry.

6 thoughts on “take me there

    • Thank you, Geoff.
      I enjoyed looking at your blog. Like you, I am a Nikon user. In this case, my Nikon SB900 served me well.

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