Winged Rainbow

Purple Gallinule

A rainbow drawn from the sky

Given wings with which to fly

Propped on golden toes so long

From lily pad stage she clucks her song

With sun’s rising at six o’clock

Breakfast served of spatterdock

Add a side of grasshopper meat

Finish with a minnow treat

Fly, then climb o’er rushes standing tall

Summon you mate with piercing call

Choose a sequestered place to rest

Together secure a floating nest

A clutch of speckled eggs her reward

Brooding duties not ignored

Soon seven chicks run all around

Sporting coats of midnight down

Until the time of transformation

When bursts forth living coloration

Shades of purple, blue, bronze, and green

Red eyes, and orange beak with which to preen

Seems it was the Creator’s delight

To make a humble rail a beautiful sight


Note: I found this Purple Gallinule along Anhinga Trail in Florida’s Everglades National Park. The bird’s striking beauty inspired me to photograph her ( no easy task as she was a lively lady) and pen a poem in her honor. The female distinction is for poetic convenience only. Male and female Purple Gallinules are similar in appearance.

6 thoughts on “Winged Rainbow

    • Thank you, Thomas. I spent quite some time on fourwindowspress last night. It is rare to find a husband and wife who write so beautifully, each in their own voice, on such a deep level. I have much to learn from the two of you.

  1. i love how you created the whole package. the photo is excellent and the poem offers further insight into that captured moment 🙂

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