My Choice

Great Blue Heron in a Sea of Pickerelweed



Though my feet stand in sinking sand

Among a field of lavender lilies I stand

My heart responds to what I see

Be it glories around or instability

If I focus on what pulls me down

My face will surely wear a frown

But lift my eyes in upward gaze

Then, I reflect the sun’s brightest rays

So, you see, the choice is mine

To dwell in darkness or light sublime


Note: This photo was taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, Florida.

6 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. Beautiful poem with a lovely photo!! Having lived in the woods with two ponds I am well acquainted with the Great Blue Heron and have watched big ones stretch out, they really are huge!

    • Thanks, Randy. How fortunate you are to have lived in the woods. I checked out your blog and must say that I enjoy your poetry. You are gifted and I am glad that you share your gifts online.

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