Growing Green

Green Heron in the Everglades

Green Heron in the Everglades


So, you live in the sticks

You’re not like us

We have neatly manicured lawns

and trim our shrubs just so


is there any other way?

Why do you refuse to conform?

You flit about here and there

like you own the place

Is it arrogance or confidence?

You actually seem comfortable

with your state of affairs

Even carefree and content

Is it okay for me to sit awhile?

I actually enjoy watching you

living off the land like that

You’re so self-assured

and at peace with yourself

Would you


if I stay

a little longer?



 Karen’s note: The Green Heron is a familiar resident in the Everglades wetlands. A clever fisher, the Green Heron drops bits of bait on the surface of the water while waiting on a nearby branch for its fishy lunch. If another bird approaches its fishing camp, the Green Heron takes wing,  noisily squawking and leaving a trial of defecation for emphasis.


4 thoughts on “Growing Green

  1. Is the green heron really green? Well…its legs are yellowish-orange – and so are its eyes. Its neck and chest are a rusty red. But the green heron does have a green back, a strip of green feathers on its head and a green hue to its wings. Young herons have a white and brown striped neck and chest area. Their backs are brown with white and beige spots.

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