Palm Warbler Watch

Palm Warbler-


Wee warbler

What a wonder

Winging your way


When winter warns

Wisdom of the wild

Wends her way south


Where warm winds waft

Whispers in wooded wetlands

While  you ply weeds for worm or wasp


Welcome whimsical tail waggler

We wish you would wait a while with us

Worthy wee warbler


Note: As a Florida resident, I have grown fond of the autumnal return of Palm Warblers from their summer breeding grounds in Canada’s eastern sphagnum bogs. They arrive suddenly in droves enlivening our parks and wild places with their small quick bodies, constant tail bobbing, and high “check-check” calls. Never seeming to rest, they busy themselves with amazing insect procurement skills. I have often seen them catch insects in mid-air. Photographing them can be a challenge, but it’s one I enjoy. I found this little bird at Pahayokee Overlook in Everglades National Park.

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