Anhinga Trail in the Morning

One of my favorite activities is to arrive in the Everglades before dawn and watch the day unfold. The Anhinga Trail is a good place to be at sunrise. Here are a few photos from my last trip.

Anhinga Trail at Dawn

The trail’s only visitor appeared to be a lone double-crested cormorant. Before long the hush of great wings brought another guest.

Great Blue Blur

I am just beginning to experiment with intentional blurs. This is one of my most recent. I like it because it shows the contrast of warm and cool tones from sawgrass and sedges as well as the rich blues of the great blue heron.

Two Heads are Better Than One

These double-crested cormorants sat on the banks of the waterway that accompanies the trail. They scanned all around but seemed to have agreed to always look in opposite directions. Eventually, both dove into the water to fish for breakfast.

Farther down the trail fishing was already underway.

Little Blue Heron Wading and Watching

This little blue heron was quite successful catching one small fish after another. Not a muscle moved as it waited for a fish to swim close, then its beak darter forward to grab the snack. I wondered how many of those little fish it needed to eat during the day.

Other eyes plied the cool Everglades waters.

Floating Gator

One of many alligators that roam the clear waters of Anhinga Trail, this gator seemed lost in a dream world of floating clouds and lily pads. The scene appeared deceptively bucolic except for two alert amber eyes.

Even this scavenger kept a watchful eye out for a morning offering.

Attentive Black Vulture

This black vulture was one of many gathered on the roof of a wayside shelter. A seeming nuisance, this vulture is a vital part of the Everglades ecosystem.

One of the last creatures seen from the Trail was this colorful plant eater. Just look at those long toes; perfectly made for walking on lily pads.

Rainbow Bird--The Purple Gallinule

This duck-like marsh bird, a purple gallinule, was intent on seizing the spatterdock seed pod floating in in front of its left foot. After much stretching it was able to pick it from the water, whereupon it walked back into the bushes to dine on nutritious seeds.

What an enjoyable morning! As the sun rose higher in the sky, I left the Anhinga Trail invigorated by the wonders of this special place.

The Anhinga Trail's Namesake

6 thoughts on “Anhinga Trail in the Morning

  1. Thanks for taking me to The Everglades this morning Karen.
    It is so beautiful and it looks warm. Probably with many sounds from all the birds and other animals.
    Here in Denmark we are covered under 1 ft ++ snow. I’m not complaining. It is beautiful, light and not least: Quiet!

    • I can only imagine how beautiful your winter is right now. I grew up in the North and miss snowy days. I am enjoying the Everglades, though. We’ve waited many months for this season.

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